Back to the Wisconsin Pagan Ring Homepage So. Not exactly thrilled with the generic code, eh?

Okay, here's more choices. You're welcome and encouraged to come up with a configuration - and graphics - yourself, if you feel like it. Let me know about it, I'll make sure it does the technical stuff, and that's that. If you don't mind, we'll put that code here into this page, and give everybody else a shot at it.

To use one of these fragments, just take the images and put them where you usually put them. Then use the form below (IF you have NN or IE, version 4) to configure the code for your own site.

Note: These fragments assume you will save the graphics to the same directory in which your web page resides. That is not the way I do it; like many web authors, I keep my graphics in a directory named "images" or "graphics". If you do the same, be sure to adjust the path on the three image tags.

Fragment 1:
The original, default, tried-and-true standby

I put this one in here just for completeness. You can get this code, configured, from the webring site where you edit your site information.

This Wisconsin Pagan Ring site is owned by --name--.
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Fragment 2:

Dan's first attempt at a graphics set. He's not too happy with it, but he's still hangin' in there.

This Wisconsin Pagan Ring site is owned by 
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Fragment 3:
Green on Blue.

I'm a little happier with the way this set turned out. I threw out the "previous site" graphic, used a table format I've seen a few rings use, and I think I'm getting a little better with the Macromedia Fireworks graphics program I bought myself last month for a graduation present. :-)
Size: 3.6k for the logo, 3.2k for the "Next Site", for a total of 6.8k

WiscPaganRIng This Wisconsin Pagan Ring site is owned by 
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WiPagan Next

The little Javascript Configurator.

Here's a little something that I threw together for those of us who like having the computer do the mundane stuff. It searches for instances of "--id--", "--name--", and "--email--" and replaces them with what's been typed into the appropriate boxes. It's pure javascript.

If you have Internet Explorer or Netscape, version 4 or higher with javascript not turned off, you're fine. However, I can find no way to take the javascript that came with earlier browsers and make it do what this thing can do. It's version 4, and it will probably always be that way. Sorry.

If you have problems with it, email me with the browser, version, and platform you're using, and I'll help you out with your code fragment.


Click the button for the code of your choice. Enter your name, email address and site ID into the little boxes, then click the "Modify Code" button. The code will then be tweaked for your own use, and you can copy and paste it into your page. Clicking one of the fragment buttons will erase everything you just did, so FIRST choose the code, THEN enter your personal data. Easy enough?

If you want, you can also paste any generic code that contains "--id--", "--name--" and "--email--", and the Configurator will still work fine - it just won't reset to anything but the code fragments already hard-coded into the buttons.

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