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Ack. I don't have the faintest idea what to do with this page anymore. Since the Calendar went into operation, it doesn't really serve a purpose. That should be obvious by the fact that the latest entry here is from 1999. I leave it here because it's a bit of website history that I'm reluctant to just toss away (ask Denise or any of my ex-partners if the word "pack rat" applies.) and because I've become a tad busy of late, updating other pages on this site, volunteer work with a couple others, buying a house, and webmastering for another site on the side, and I haven't been able to remove the links to this page from all over the rest of the site. So sue me. Anyway, here it remains until I either find a use for it, or remove all references to it. Which means it will be here for a while.
Dan, April 19, 2001


WOW! What a Summer and Fall!

We've got Pagan Pride Day, Fall Turning Moot at Governor Dodge, the Living Labyrinth in Madison, the Pagan Tea and Talk, Ed McGaa (Eagle Man, Author of "Rainbow Tribe") at Singing Wolf Center in Lake Geneva this October, it just goes on and on.
Most of it is here on this page, but the SpiritBase Interactive Calendar contains the up-to-the-minute listings because that part isn't dependent on me. As soon as someone enters an event there, it goes right into the site. This page has to wait until I have the time to update it. :-)
Dan, Sunday, July 18, 1999

Madison Area Pagan Pride Day Celebration, Sept 19th

This years Madison Area Pagan Pride Day Celebration will be held Saturday, Sept 19th, beginning at 2 p.m., Tentatively at the library mall, at the end of State street. Events will include a public ritual, information tables, a food drive, possibly speakers, vendors and perhaps much more.

There are also events going on in, (at last I checked,) 27 other states, as well as two canadian provinces, so this is indeed, a part of something much larger.

The first planning meeting will be on Sunday, July 25th, at Motherfools coffeehouse on Williamson Street, at 5 p.m. I'm looking for people to help plan parts of the event, share ideas, and generally help get this set up.

Please contact

Maevele S.A. Straw,

with any questions, or to volunteer, or just to make sure you get notified of updates.

Fall Turning Moot, 9/24/1999, Governor Dodge State Park

Camp-out gathering in the Germanic Heathen tradition, featuring a Blot (blessing), Sumbel (ritual toasting), workshop and discussion on The Heathen World-View, runic working and workshop, hike through the woods, and feast. While there is no charge, attendees are expected to bring something or otherwise help for the feast. Please coordinate with us in advance.
Email Contact:

Dixon Living Labyrinth: Calling All Garden Lovers

Madison, WI: The labyrinth is layed out and planted, and ready for a spruce-up party before the dedication ceremony. Want to help?

We're scheduling one day a month for weeding and spruce up. The Labyrinth is looking so beautiful, we're going to keep it that way. :-) Contact Cynthia for the exact day which we have yet to work out.


What is a Labyrinth? The Labyrinth symbolizes unity and wholeness; it is an ancient blueprint used in different forms for about 4,000 years. The Dixon Labyrinth will be a 60-foot diameter circular sacred design, to be walked as a spiritual meditation, in addition to being a beautiful garden design to behold. The entire outer circle of the labyrinth will be planted with donated hostas and short grasses, so we're really hoping to get a lot of neighborhood folks who have hostas that need dividing. Then there will be swaths of color, daylilies as you enter, changing to purple asters, and bright orange butterfly weed, which also attracts butterflies, and produces attractive seedheads in the fall.

The design requires the walker to begin at the outside of the circle and wind slowly in toward the center and then wind slowly out again, using the exact same path. The meditation focuses mindfulness first on "shedding". As you walk in it is time to release and let go the details and tensions of your life. At the center of the l abyrinth is "Illumination." At this point be still; it is a place of meditation, listening and feeling the Presence. Receive what is there for you to receive. Then as you walk out of the labyrinth you reach the third stage "Union." At this point you feel one with God, neighbor, self, and nature. Each time you walk the Labyrinth you become more empowered to find and do the work your soul is calling you to.

Anyone who is interested will be welcome to participate. Any comments, questions, or donations can go to Cynthia Zick, Master Gardner, 1996, '97, '98 at 608-241-9127, or

For those interested and having access to the internet, there are many fascinating sites, and labyrinths that have been made of sweet peas, candles, fabric with floral design, stones, turf, - all kinds of labyrinths. They are really becoming popular these days. Adrienne Sager teaches a Labyrinth Class at both Edgewood and MATC.

Some of the above information was obtained from these excellent sites:

A Pagan Perspective

The following is from a flyer put out by Phoenix

A new television show by and about Pagans
WYOU Madison Public Cable Access

Tune in for music, news, stories and information of interest to the Neo-pagan and New Age communities.

A Pagan Perspective airs Fridays at 5:30 PM on WYOU cable channel 4, Madison.

Contributors Wanted: A Pagan Perspective seeks musicians, storytellers, and other pagan folks to come on the air, and tell us what you know. If you are interested in being a part of show, please leave a message for Phoenix care of WYOU (608) 258-9644, or e-mail at

So far, A Pagan Perspective has put out four shows. Phoenix will be interviewing Yours Truly, early in December for a show on area techno-pagans. I'll try not to look or act too foolish. :-/ I'm going to try and get a tape of those first four shows (For those of you not in Madison: I can't see it either. I live in Fitchburg.) and I'll make dupes for anyone who wants to contact me and send in a blank tape or the money to buy one. I'll also see what I can do about getting tapes of upcoming shows. Let's all hope this is an endeavor that lasts, and encourages copycats across the land. :-)

Circle Sanctuary

Selena sent me a little description of Circle's goings-on:

Circle Sanctuary sponsors festivals, classes, and other events on its land, in nearby Madison, and elsewhere. Circle Sanctuary is located about an hour's drive west of Madison on a 200 acre sacred Nature preserve. Event information is posted on-line at

A free bulletin and catalog which includes event information is available:
telephone: (608) 924-2216
fax: (608) 924-5961
postal address: Circle Sanctuary, PO Box 219, Mt. Horeb, WI 53572 USA

The Return of The Madison Pagan Press

We had a really great newsletter for the Madison area for a while. Then Sian took sick, and has been for about a year or so. I've never seen anyone hold up like she has. She's got quite a backbone for one so gentle.

But today's news is wonderful. The tests have been very good, and although there are a few more to do, she feels ready to begin the effort - in a somewhat limited fashion - again.

A Yuletime issue is probably not, pardon the expression, in the cards. She's trying but there isn't enough time to get events information out to the public in time to do any good. However, don't let that stop you from sending her any information on your group. The first issue will come out... when it comes out. :-) After that, issues will appear once a season.

She has indicated that the last few issues have taught her how much money is involved, even for a simple newsletter. So Sian will be accepting ads for either this edition or next. If you have a merchant you like, or know anyone offering workshops or related services, let me know and I'll see she gets it.

Madison Area Interfaith Network announces upcoming events.

The latest events for the M.A.I.N. calendar can be found at their homepage or by following this link.

The Cauldron Covenstead

A new online Wiccan study group for those wishing to learn the Craft of the Wise or share their knowledge with others. Now accepting members. More information at:
Walk in light of love and learning! Blessed Be!

Singing Wolf Center and Kristi Cowles' New CD

Kristi Cowles, Founder of Singing Wolf Center in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, announces the release of her new CD, Shagbark Hickory Spirit.

People to do On-camera Interviews Sought

Date: Wed, 8 Apr 1998 21:13:47 EDT


     Hello!  My name is Skip and I live in Madison.  Currently I am involved in a video project and am interested in including a piece about Paganism/Wicca.  This is a completely amateur production and hope to have it shown on cable access channel 4 (WYOU) here in Madison.  I write you because I am seeking people to do on-camera interviews.  The purpose of the piece is to give the viewer a general introduction to Paganism/Wicca but I hope that each interviewee will give us some insight as to how their beliefs have affected their lives.
     If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at the email address below.

Thanks in advance,


Miracle the White Buffalo Celebrates Her Birthday this August.

Miracle was born on August 20, 1994. The Heiders are holding a birthday party at 11AM this year, and everyone is invited for cake and lemonade. I'll put up more detailed directions to their farm if enough people want me to, but for now you can find directions at Miracle's website, in the General Information section.

The birthday party went on, and it was wonderful. Here's an incomplete, sometimes inaccurate, synopsis of our day at the Heider farm.

The Earth Conclave Announces its Spring/Summer Schedule

Three Celebrations and Events from The Earth Conclave, a Madison-based spiritual organization dedicated, through education and spriritual motivation, to creating "...a cooperative and sustainable future for ourselves, our children and our pl anet with its diversity of life forms and living systems."

Okay, you got me. It's not summer any more. Doesn't matter. The Conclave still has events scheduled, and you might as well go check them out. :-)

The Wisconsin Pagan Mailing List Goes Automated!

Those of you on Wade's Pagan Network of Wisconsin may have been wondering why you haven't gotten any messages for a while. Two reasons: Wade had some trouble with his email account, and there's a new address for the list now. It's progressed from Wade forwarding messages to about a hundred people, to a fully automated list. It's a little slow right now as we wait for everyone to resubscribe themselves to the new list, but we're confident it will become as valuable a resource as the previous version.
Follow this link for subscription instructions.

Madison Area Men's Pagan Alliance

Forming a Madison Area Men's Pagan Alliance for the purpose of consciousness raising, meeting the Goddess, and exploring our lives as Pagan Men.
Anyone interested should contact Mark at for further information.
This group is new and has met only once with much success so we are extending the invitation again.
Blessed Be,

Saturday, June 14, 1997

A coven looking for members in the Appleton area

The following is quoted, with permission, from the Pagan Network of Wisconsin mailing list.

My girlfriend and I are looking to start our own coven - we were members of another, yet the youngest other than us was 35 to 40 years old...
thats nearly twice as old as either of us!

So we are looking for others about our age - between 13 and 25. I am 17 (18 in early August), my girlfriend is 16. We are in the Fox Valley area (Appleton/Kaukauna). We aren't very particular about people, but prefer those who are open-minded, but not TOO open-minded (we don't want to end up associated with any illegal activity... I state this because, of course, I'm focusing on a younger teen/early adult audience, which is notorious for trying new things, regardless of personal safety - by the goddess, I should know... and learn.) If you are interested, or know someone who is interested, please email me at

"Pagan Tea and Talk" third Friday of every month

The regular gathering of Madison area pagans is held at 7:00 pm at
Wil-Mar Neighborhood center,
953 Jenifer St., Madison, WI 257-4576.
From Williamson St., go 1 block east to Jennifer, between Paterson and Brearly. Here'a mapquest map to help you find the place.

The Hog Factory That Almost Ate Richland Center

The latest word I have on this hog thing is that a week or so after some people got together in an attempt to channel a peaceful solution to this problem, the people who owned the land killed the deal, and it looks like the hog factory will have to find a new place to live. I'm leaving the announcement up, as there are few contacts in the Richland Center area, and I'm sure Jaes would be happy to help you find like-minded people around there, although her own group is small, and by invitation only.

The following is taken from a Spirit Pathways guestbook entry. It concerns a group in Richland Center, Wisconsin who are working to stop a large factory-style hog raising company from establishing a plant in their community.
Thanks for your call Dan, I've included my correct E-mail address. I have a Shamanic Practice, and teach Shamanism here. Our community of spiritual people living close to the land, is growing and connecting with many others in the US. We are asking spiritual support as we work with the local community and government to keep a large pig containment facility from moving in. They have left a destructive path in other states and are starting to move into WI. here next to us and our beautiful lands. Thanks for your interest and support.
Jaes <>
Richland Center, WI USA - Monday, March 24, 1997 at 20:19:25 (CST)

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