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Local Links and Out of State Resources

There are some great Websites out there that just don't fit into what I'm trying to do here. How frustrating to find such marvelous local pages, whose owners are so distinctly unique that I have no place to put them, or pages that aren't local, but certainly excellent resources.

I have decided to add the Out of State Resources section to this page. I do get inquiries from folks outside Wisconsin, particularly the bordering states of Illinois, Minnesota, Iowa, and Michigan. For that reason, I'll be adding links to websites outside of Wisconsin who are doing the same kind of work that Spirit Pathways is attempting to do for Wisconsin. The first one, The Agora, is out of Chicago. I'm linking to them mostly because of their resources page, but the entire website is an excellent resource for the Chicagoland area.

Disclaimer: I don't get out to this page much. It's a links page. I'll break my back keeping the groups and resources sections up to date, but this page isn't on my list of Mission Critical stuff. You're supposed to check 'em out and if the link's broken, then come back and check another one. I've removed some that aren't there anymore, but hey, I've got a lot of work to do here and coming out to this page to cut out the dead wood isn't something I do more than once or twice a year. If a link doesn't work, and you tell me which one it is, I'll more'n likely come back and take it away. But if you tell me "Some of the links in the links page don't work.", I'll probably respond with a grunt and "Wow. What a shock."

Out of State Resource Links

The Agora
Chicagoland area. Looks like a great compilation of groups all over Chicago and vicinity, and they've got a pretty good start on compiling a list of Midwest Resource websites.

Other Links and Resources

It has not escaped my notice that many people find Spirit Pathways with either a Yahoo or Webcrawler search on "Shamanism", "Shaman", or "Shamanic Drumming". Since a check of those search engines doesn't produce much else, I offer this page to those who wish to learn more about it. It contains more info than I've found anywhere else on the web.

Wisconsin Native American Links

WOJB FM 88.9,
Owned and operated by the Lac Courte Oreilles Ojibwe Tribe in Northwest Wisconsin. Out of 25 Native Radio stations across North America, WOJB and CKON of Canada are the only two east of the Mississippi River. 100,000 watts of Indian broadcast power! Our signal is heard throughout Northern Wisconsin, Eastern Minnesota, and the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.

Protect the Earth:
The web site of Anishinaabe Niijii, an alliance of Indigenous and non-native peoples to support treaty rights/ sovereignty and environmental protection in the ceded territory of Lake Superior's bio-region. This site is also dedicated to the work of Walt Bresette. This site is a bridge to other sites of similar interest.

News From Indian Country:
Based in Hayward, Wisconsin, News From Indian Country is the only national, independent Indian newpaper. We report national news, culture, gaming and entertainment news to all people interested in Indian Country.

Gaia Mind
If you missed the Global Meditation for World Peace, or just want to know something more about what went on, check here for some info on it, and other events in the making.

Home of Esoteric and Arcane Philosophy.

Ravyn's Lair
This page here is fast becoming a list of other sites who've linked to Spirit Pathways. If I wasn't the boss, I'd have a talk with me in my office. Ravyn lives in New York, and is thinking about transferring to UW Madison. Let her know if you think she ought to do it.

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If you've made it all the way through the page and still haven't found what you're looking for, I guess you need more help. MetaCrawler searches through Yahoo, WebCrawler, Lycos, Excite, and I think a few more engines, then gives you the results. Kind of like running four or five searches at the same time. Remember to click the correct button for the keywords. I generally search on a whole phrase, so I have that one selected.
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