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Madison Area Events

Courtesy of the Madison Pagan Press
Compiled by Sian

Sian did create a calendar. The problem is, there just isn't that much going on this summer, as far as any of us can see. Aside from the regular events, the Northwicke gathering which has already happened, it's kind of a slow summer.
So. What I'll do here is keep the regular events, as up to date as I can make it, and we'll have to make do with that. It still won't be hard to find contacts, since groups like the Drum Circles and the Pagan Tea and Talk are there for all of us to check out.

If you know of something going on that you'd like to see listed here, mail me at

Madison Shamanic Drum Circle. Time: 6:00 - 8:00 PM The second and fourth Sunday of every month. Please come promptly, the outside door is locked at 6:00 PM.

Place: 301 South Bedford Street, at the Tai Chi Center.

Drumming Circle

Meet regularly to drum with others as creative expression or musical meditation. No political, ethnic or religious agenda. Beginners welcome. Meets the 1st and 3rd Sundays at the Tai Chi Center, 301 South Bedford St, Madison. (Same place as the Madison Shamanic Drum Circle, except on alternate sundays.)

Pagan Tea and Talk third Friday of every month
The regular gathering of Madison area pagans. A great bunch. The meeting place has changed once already and may change again soon, so I'm going to avoid an outdated announcement and point you straight at the T&T homepage.

There are more, scattered around the groups, announcements, and access sections. I'll add them here as I go along.

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Updated 1/13/98.