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Access and Reference Resources

The only Pagan and Occult search engine on the net. Nice site, and the top 20 cool pagan links of the month makes a great jumping point. Since you can search on Wisconsin, I'm putting it on this page. If you run across a Wisconsin site that isn't in Pathways, but is in Avatar, please let me know.

Miracle, The White Buffalo

Weaving the Web, Wisconsin
A page of Wisconsin pagan and wiccan contacts, part of a massive effort by Lady Morgan Moonstone to help the community find its kindred spirits around the world. There is also a Wisconsin Mailing list, which is in addition to Wade's Pagan Network of Wisconsin, a few listings above this one.

Wisconsin Pow Wows
An explanation of where and how I found the source for Wisconsin Powow dates, and how to search for them in the Calendar.

Aurora Boread Pagan Alliance
We are a student organization at the University of Wisconsin at Stevens Point. Our purpose is to teach all who wish to learn what it means to walk the paths of the Old Ways, to dispel through education, example and open discussion the darkness of fear and misunderstanding the false stereotypes of alternative religious and spiritual thought that pervade the common media.

A Guide to Madison Area Spiritual and Religious Resources, 1997-98
A comprehensive listing of just about every religion, organization and faith, covering Columbia, Dane, Dodge, Green, Iowa, Jefferson, Rock, Sauk and Walworth counties in Wisconsin. Sections on New Age, Native American, Wiccan and Pagan as well as counseling and spiritual assistance. If the group's not in here, it's because they either didn't want to be or are too new for this edition.
It can be ordered through Living Gold spiritual and religious publishing. Checks and money orders only please.
LIVING GOLD, P.O. Box 5207,
Madison, WI 53705-0207
$7.50 + $2.50 (s/h/tax) = $10 each
In Madison, it is at Borders, University Bookstores, Frugal Muse, Canterbury's, Shakti, Madison Church Supply, Willy Street Co-op, Rainbow Book Co-op. It is (or will be) at Prairie Bookshop (Mt Horeb), Earthsong (Janesville), A Different World and Autumn Moon (Beloit), Heart and Soul (Lake Geneva), Phoenix Rising (Portage), Book World (Baraboo, Wisconsin Dells) and other cities and towns throughout South Central Wisconsin.

Duster's Native American White Buffalo Page.
This page isn't exactly local, but it's the most comprehensive I could find on Miracle, the White Buffalo born in Janesville, Wisconsin on August 20, 1995. It links to several newspaper articles on the birth and subsequent events up to the present day.

The Madison Pagan Press
A single sheet newsletter dedicated to the pagan community in Madison and the surrounding area. Along with local and national news, they put out a pretty good calendar of local events. Free. Disributed to the following Madison establishments: Shakti, A Room of One's Own, Magic Mill, Willy St. Co-Op, Border's Bookstore, By the Light of the Moon, and the UW Unions.
To get a copy in snailmail, contact:
Pagan Press
P.O. Box 7802
Madison WI 53707-7802

Madison's Alternative Page
This one's pretty new, so most of the listings are waiting for entries as of 7/9/97, but I was never one to wait until everything worked perfectly before hitting the start button. I'm sure MAP will be around for quite some time.
"Madison Wisconsin's unique flavor is a result of its wide variety of alternative businesses. The MAP is your key to finding all the information you need when it comes to organically grown food, massage therapy and everything in between."

The Midwestern U.S. Pagan FAQ
Heavy emphasis on the Chicago area, and frankly pretty light on Wisconsin (as of 3/28/97), but it's still under construction, and I'm sure it will grow into its name. Just attempting to keep track of an area that size is surely the action of a special sort of person.

The Pagan WebWeaving Page
Amy has created a resource for pagans around the country and the world to search for and find each other. It appears to be working just fine. Bless her heart.

National Calendar of Pagan Events
In case I've missed anything, here's a rather extensive calendar of events nationally. Several Wisconsin listings. Later this summer maybe I can pull the local things into a Wisconsin calendar. For now, this will have to do.

Ashlynn's Grove: Pagans desiring to meet Pagans:
One small part of Ashlynn's Grove

The Witches Voice "Witchcraft in Wisconsin" page.
The Witch's Voice in Boston is one of the premier pagan and wiccan sites on the net. When you're as well known as they are, it's a little easier to find people to list up. :-) So surf on over to the Wisconsin section and start making contact. The list has become a lengthy compendium of web pages, merchants, and pagans looking for kindred spirits. Remember that a listing in Spirit Pathways or Witches Voice is not a guarantee of character, and to quote the Witches Voice, " with any new contact in cyberspace or on the physical plane use wisdom and caution in your approach and dealings."

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Last Updated: May 18, 2001